Everyone performs at their maximum with Packs for Employees

With `Packs for Employees’, your employees get more choices about the best possible connection at home.

Packs for Employees

Packs for Employees

Hybrid working can sometimes cause frustration for your employees. Especially when the internet connection goes down.

This can damage the work-life balance.

With Packs for Employees you take away the frustration of a slow internet connection at home.

For employers … For employees …
Performance is guaranteed More performance = less frustration
Fully tax compliant 3 to 4 times more advantageous than a traditional salary increase
Transparent splitting of the invoice between employer and employee All-in-one package takes care of your employees
Employee satisfaction is stimulated More control over their work-life balance

Did you know that employees can lose up to 45 minutes of productivity per day due to poor performance and connectivity?

Make sure your employees' frustrations don't continue to pile up! Support them for the next step in hybrid working with ‛Packs for Employees’.

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